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Convert ISO 8601 duration to youtube format MM:SS


So I have ISO 8601 formats for youtube video. For example I have PT10M1S, need to convert this to MM:SS. I found a few possible solutions for this. But nothing seems to be working. Thank You ahead of time

Alteryx Partner

I can't find any info on the M and S, although I assume this is minutes and seconds.  Is the PT related to Pacific Time and if so is there a date ?


Can you provide some dummy data that has M as a single digit and a double digit - just to be sure the solution is correct ?

Alteryx Partner

LOTS of expressions in here so you can see what I've done.  It's possible to consolidate it if you need to.

I suggest:




First use Regex to parse the expression:


You can then use a multifield formula to convert to integer columns of Year, Month, Day, Hour. Minute. Second


Finally to put back to YouTube you can just another formula tool.


Works perfectly! Thank You