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Convert Date that starts with Century into a Date or Date Time Format

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I have a series of date that follow this format - 1200727 (century = 1, year = 20, month = 07, date = 27) so this means it is actually 07/27/20 (July 27, 2020).  I tried playing around with the Date Time Configuration tool and couldn't get it to work.


I even tried to parse out the data so that I have 200727 and then use the date type convert tool - Custom format yyMMdd to try and get it to output but instead of doing that it gives me 2007-27-01.  


Any ideas? I attached an example to better showcase what I mean.  I need to convert it to a date so I can put it into a Data Visualization tool.




hi @alyssa_sedai ,


you can use the formula tool to parse out the different components, concatenate and then use the datetime tool. 



hope this helps!

Hi @alyssa_sedai 


This is because of how Alteryx deal with 2 bytes year with no separators. Hope this clarifies it. Cheers!


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Thank you @bpatel!That works.