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Control sequence for final action




I have a process where I have 5 "streams" within a workflow.  Each stream is an Input query for a given table and then outputs to a sql table.  I need all 5 to finish and THEN execute a postsql statement that looks across the 5 sql tables' results.  And the workflow must run in the Gallery so it can't call a cmd line, etc. 


My current solution is to put a summarize tool for each stream and then union those results to an output that runs the post sql as way to control the sequence but that's not foolproof unfortunately.


I realize this is an over-posted topic about controlling sequence but I really need a good solution I can deploy to my users.



ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Hi @npsmith,


You might be able to use a Block-Until-Done tool here.  From the first output, run all 5 streams.  From the 2nd output, run your final SQL that looks across all results; this should not take place until everything from the first output has completed.


Hope that helps!

 - John



Hi JohnJPS,


Thanks for your reply. I looked into Block Until Done, as I have used that a lot in the past.  However, it seem that my understanding of that tool, like many of us, is little skewed.  The tool is supposed to force all upstream data to complete before going on to downstream tools.  The output of the tool actually doesn't control sequence unfortunately.


Hope I'm wrong about it but I believe that is what the Alteryx gurus have posted previously.





ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

I may not fully understand the process, but one thing you could try is a combination of your solution (using sums and a union) as the first output of a block-until-done... then the subsequent code on the other branch?  Good luck!