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Continue Running workflow even if issue in EMAIL tool due to SMTP server

7 - Meteor

Hello ,


I have workflow where email tool and other tools are used.

But now due to SMTP server issue email tool is not working and workflow is not running.


I would like to design a process like, even if there is issue in Email tool still my process should continue.


But yes  i can not untick to "Calcel running workflow on Error "option under Runtime Tab for workflow Properties , because there is some other issue then we need to log that.


Please suggest .



17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hi @NamrataDhiwar 


You should be able to accomplish this with a chained app. In the the first app, include everything except the Email tool.  Replace the email tool with an output tool that writes to a .yxdb file.  That will write all the fields that the Email tool uses to the database file.  In the second app use an input tool to read from the .yxdb and connect that to an Email configured the same way as your original one.  Configure the first app to launch the second one on success 




This way, an error in the email tool will not stop the first app from running.  If there is an error in the first app, the second one will never get called