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Contains join


Hi there,

        I have an interesting situation where I have a dataset that is between 150k and 250k items. For the most part, I will have a list that has generic names within the detailed name.  While I TECHNICALLY could write a formula that says "if the column contains the parent name / naming convention name, then give it the parent / naming convention name" but I was curious. Is there a way that I can write up in a text input category a list of parents and naming conventions (see below) and reference if the name is contained in the naming convention, then the output is the naming convention? 


The .yxzp file currently has a simple join but I dont believe there is a contains join. Has anyone ever run into this issue before? 






Hi @Chris_Rodgers


Yep - check out the Find/Replace tool - it's tailor made for what you describe, including adding a field from your lookup table to the original dataset; (see attachment)


Hope that helps!

 - John


Thank you! @JohnJPS


I am looking at this now. My only issue is that the find and replace replaces a specific part of the word. Is there a way to replace the entire string?


I would add the NamingConvention as a new field (in the Find/Replace settings), then follow with a Select tool to unselect the original column and rename "NamingConvention" to the original column's name.


@johnjps, Strangely enough, the find and replace tool is one that I havent played around with much and that was a great opportunity to learn. Thanks for your help!