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Containers firing off in a certain order

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What is the best way to get Containers to fire off in a certain order - beyond disabling the ones you don't want to run and enabling the one you want to run and repeating the process.

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Hi @Brad1 ,


There isn't a way to control the order of execution based on the containers themselves, but you could achieve the same end result in two ways:


1) By using the Block Until Done tool in between your containers

2) By splitting your workflow down into multiple workflows and using the Conditional Runner tool from the CReW Macro Pack to chain your workflows together



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Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

@Brad1 ,


There is a way to control the order of the containers firing off in a batch macro. You can use an If Then statement in the Action tools that states if the Control Parameter we say #1 then fire off that container. Then the next container would have an Action tool configured the same way with the #2. You would then send the numbers in the order you want into the upside down questions mark (Control Parameter) with the order you want the workflows to fire off.