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Containers - Keeping them 'Open' by Default

7 - Meteor



I have received an Alteryx .yxmc file from a colleague, which contains two containers. I've noticed the workflow will only run (or produce an output) when the two containers within the file are 'open' (when you can see the tools within the container as opposed to just the container name/heading). 


Is there a way I can ensure the containers are 'open' by default for anyone who opens and uses the workflow? Or alternatively, is there a way for the workflow to run regardless of whether they're open or closed?


Many thanks,


17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hi @arundaka01 


There are two different "closed" states for containers as shown below



The top container is closed and all the tools within it are disabled.  This is what you get when the container is open and you click on the blue bar at the top left.  The bottom container is closed but the tools within it are enabled and will run when the workflow is executed.  You get the second state by click in the small arrow at the top right.  The workflow maintains the Open/Closed/Disabled state when saved, so if you save with both containers opened or at least enabled, any one who opens it will see them in the state that you last saved it.  


There's no way to lock a workflow so that the containers are always open.  If you need some way to group tools without the users inadvertently disabling a group of them, you can use a Comment Box and use Send To Back from the context menu to place it behind the tools you want to group.  The drawback here is that while a container expands and contracts as you move the tools within it, the comment box is a fixed size.  If you moce the tools you have to resize the comment box manually



7 - Meteor

Thank you, @danilang !