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Connector color coding: meaningful?

I note that my connectors have different colors; does this have any significance, and if so, what do the colors correspond to? 


Generally, my lines are thin and black, but when selected, they thicken, some become red, and some become blue. Mouseover doesn't reveal anything, and I can't figure out any reasoning behind the patterning (see in particular the connectors leaving my Select tool, two blue, one red, even though they're both going to identical Joins).  Just wondering if I'm missing something here. 





Bolded means you have the connection itself selected.


For color, my guess is that red is inputs (to selected tools) and blue is outputs? From what I observe it has some logic depending on the order in which the tools were selected if you have multiple selections.


To David's comment above - the colors are driven by in-going/out-going from the tool you've selected. They should be black when nothing is selected, blue is outgoing and green is incoming...I have never noticed them as being red. Its purely to provide a visual marker for dataflow through the workflow.


What version of Alteryx are you running?


Are you able to share the workflow or are there data sensitivity concerns around doing so?


@ZacharyM I'm running 2018.2 and it shows as red/blue for me as well.


@DavidxL Its entirely possible that I didn't notice the distinction as I am rather color blind :) 


I am on 2018.4 and it is now Green/Blue - i would suspect it was a decision to move away from using Red as that typically indicates something is amiss.

I'm afraid I the models I have at present are all confidential, so can't share directly; I'd have to try and replicate with a mockup down the road. 


I'm running 2018.1.4 on a Windows 10 machine, which likely explains why my colors are different.


That makes sense -- I clicked and dragged to select multiple tools, so I imagine the software somehow assigned an "order" for the tools, then decided red/green v. blue from there. Makes sense! Thanks much!