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Connectivity to Security Files

Alteryx Partner



Is it possible to read/connect to network and security devices such as "Cisco Switches/Routers, F5 files, Palo Alto and sandVine" in Alteryx?


Thank you.





Hi @RitaChebl


Assuming that these devices allow connection through Https, which many security devices do, you should be able to use the Download tool to connect and retrieve data.  The actual commands to send and the format of the data returned will vary according to the device, so you'll need to research the specific devices.



Alteryx Partner

Thank you @danilang for your informative reply,


Do you have any use case/success story related to this topic?


Thank you in advance.


Hi @RitaChebl


Unfortunately, this isn't something that I have done in my current incarnation as an Alteryx developer.  I'm drawing on memories of past lives where I've connected to similar devices through other routes, C#, Powershell, etc. and the techniques i used there coupled with what I know about the connection ability of alteryx




Check out these posts for further details about connecting to webservices and web sites.


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