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Connection to Oracle either slow or tables not showing

Hi there,


Hope someone can help. I think there may be an issue with the way our Alteryx install is configured or with how we are using it but can't find any help on it.


I am unable to see the contents of some tables through our Oracle Database Connection. In addition, the tables that we can access are slow to query (25 mins to return 250k records with circa 40 columns (mix of field type, some long strings) - colleagues at another institution using a similar setup can return the same results in 2 minutes). Using SQL Developer on the same machine that Alteryx is installed on has no problems seeing all tables or running queries in lightning fast time so it seems that the issue is Alteryx.


There is no difference running an in-database query vs normal input, nor, as far as speed goes with connecting using the Oracle or SQL Server connection. I've hit a wall where our IT expertise points to the problem being in Alteryx and I don't have the expertise to diagnose further.


This is the ample spec of the machine:



This is the view when trying to view a table which appears empty.



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Curious as to why you are running Alteryx Designer on a Windows Server? Also have you ensured you have the updated/right oracle drivers installed? 


Thanks for the reply.


Why on a server? It's the way a lot of software is accessed here - through a remote desktop.


From what I can gather, the driver isn't the latest version but there may be good reason (I am so far from being a DBA so excuse my ignorance - this may not even be the right place to look). Could this be it?