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Connection to Alteryx server's MongoDB database


Hi guys, 


I am trying to connect to Alteryx server's MongoDB via the MongoDB input tool. But I can't get the tool configured correctly.





After I type in the server name and the credential, the database name and the collection name are not populated. Then the error occurred.

By the way, I am running this on my local machine.


Any idea will be appreciated.


Hi @CodingMan,


Everything looks the same as from what I can see. The only suggestion I have is to check you are using the regular password not the admin password. The admin password first in server system setting but the regular password should be right below it and is the correct one to connect with.




Thank you for your response.


I used the regular pwd. It's just nothing is populated after I type in the user name and password. Is there something I should do after I input all the credential?


Hi, you can try first to use the AlteryxServerUsageReport workflow as an example then use the configuration and the tool you want in your own workflow.