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Upgrade Alteryx Designer in 10 Steps

Debating whether or not to upgrade to the latest version of Alteryx Designer?


Connecting to files in Box


Does anyone have any experience of connecting to files that are held in Box?


Our team uses an xlsm file to track a variety of data which we are looking to manipulate in order to create tableau dashboards however when connecting as an input we receive an error of "File not Found". The file in question has been set to shared with anyone with the link and the resulting URL used as the input file name..

Alteryx Partner

@cowelka1 I've had success in the past with enabling Box sync and then connecting to files that way, and publishing back to that folder when I need to share the output with others.



At the same time this solution might not work if another employee in the company has another unique ID/SSO which basically kills the path C:\Users\12345\Box Sync\XXXX vs C:\Users\54321\Box Sync\XXXX...


@john_miller9, do you know if there is a solution to connect to the Box files online?