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Connecting to an Excel within a Company's Sharepoint



I am trying to create an input where I can upload excel documents to the sharepoint folder, where Alteryx can then run its workflow for the most recently uploaded excel doc. When I try to copy and paste the URL for data connections, I have gotten "Could not connect to the server, please try again." I have tried doing simpler URL to the main document URL of our companies sharepoint, yet still have the same error. 

The URL I have been copying and pasting into the connect bar:

Are there any methods in order to make it a possibility to connect this sharepoint to Alteryx data input, or other data input sources that would suffice for continuous data entry?


We use Sharepoint often and it gets pretty finicky.  I have had most success by opening the Sharepoint site where the files are located using Internet Explorer.  There should be a tab at the top left corner of the page called 'LIBRARY', click on that tab and then click 'Open with Explorer'.  This should open the sharepoint site of files like you would expect in your normal windows explorer.  In windows explorer, right click on the file name and select 'Properties'.  You should see a file path located after 'Location'.  Copy and paste that file path to use as your input (or output).  If you are connecting directly to a single file, you would obviously have to append the file name after the path you just copied and pasted.  


It sounds like you want to use the directory tool though and sort on the latest Write time and sample the top record.  You can then use the dynamic input tool to read the contents of your file(s).


I'd be glad to help you out if you'd like to set up a webex.