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Connecting to Sharepoint 365 sites - 2018.2.x.x Designers

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Connecting to 365 via 2018.2.x versions can be achieved by doing the following:


1. If wanting to DL data from a list, and utilizing a URL (not UNC for this setup) choose the App Auth Only. You will know that is the correct option in an OAuth environment because it will default to "Client ID" and "Secret Key" rather than "Username" and "Password" settings. It also happens to be the case that in the environment this data is being procured, there is not access to Port 80 - i.e. I couldn't go to this SP site and DL this data even if I wanted to 



2. Make sure that you are truncating your full URL so that it will get to the directory path where the "List" items will populate. If it doesn't populate, then you'll know you're not yet at the root for the List info.


Example - a URL like this - 



will get truncated to this -


3. Choose the List that you want to DL -



4. Issues you'll most likely have -

- Finding out who is responsible for issuing OAuth credentials for your environment (ask who issues Client ID creds to the site owner, they may not know, but at least that is the question you need to ask).

- Often times in locked down environments you may need to obtain access to port 443 for secure transactions (https). That will often require the involvement of System Admin resources, which may be an issue at times.


Hope this works for you !!



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Thanks @sean_bolte_dup_544 this is really helpful! Exactly what I am trying to do. When setting up the client ID and client secret, do you know what values have been entered for App Domain and Redirect URL to enable access from Desktop? E.g. if I enter my alteryx server's details, it looks like I have only permissioned server (and indeed, I get an error message saying "Error encountered: Access denied. You do not have permission to perform this action or access this resource.") I also can't seem to set this up without entering a value for those fields.

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Sorry, didn't see a question back! I know you've already resolved, but for others the setup is looks like;


App Domain will be something like this:


and the Redirect URL will be something like this:


This is shown in this post:

Setup SP365 credentials