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Connecting to HubSpot


I want to download data directly from HubSpot, but I'm not sure how to set something up. I'm trying to use the "Download" connector, but I'm not setting something up correctly. Any advise?

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner



HubSpot has an API ( that you can use to create a HubSpot connector from.  There is a little more complication because they use OAuth and API keys where essentially your first call is to retrieve a token and your second call is for a data service.  There are usage guidelines and limits for their APIs, which by the way there are 20+ possible APIs to choose from.


There are Alteryx partners that can be engaged to build a connector for you.  If you have a specific need, you can look at ( for some configuration help.  Please feel free to PM me with your email and I'd be happy to chat with you about your company's need for the connector.  Perhaps there is an opportunity there for us to work together.




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You can try the following approaches:
- Expose Hubspot data to OData with help of Skyvia Connect.
- Replicate Hubspot to the data warehouse (BigQuery, Redshift, etc.) and use Alteryx database connector.