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Connecting Community Data Folder to SharePoint Input List

6 - Meteoroid

I am trying to connect a folder within the company's community SharePoint to the SharePoint List Input option, but am getting error each time.

The error message I am receiving would be "Error encountered: Cannot contact site at the specified URL "

We do not have the Library edition either, so connecting it to the file path location is not an option. The data we are trying to upload to Alteryx for a created workflow would be continuously updated excel files from a website, in which we save the new file each week to a folder on our SharePoint. 

I am curious if there are any methods for this that would not create that error message, or to upload the Excel files to another (preferably free because we are a nonprofit) database to allow it to do the workflow and then sent to Tableau?

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hey @AchieveBrownCounty


What is inside the folder that you are trying to connect to? Is it a file or a list?

6 - Meteoroid

Files of Excel Spreadsheets that will be sent through the workflow to filter out the certain records we would like information about to then post on Tableau.