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Connecting Alteryx database to Tableau


Can I connect to alteryx database (the yxdb) file from Tableau.If yes How?




Alteryx Certified Partner

No, you need to output to Tableau TDE format from Alteryx.


Hi Haya 


The short and easy answer is not possible at the moment.


But, with continious opening up of tools and platforms, now you (or other capable people) might be able to do it. This is something I have been thinking about


With Tableau's 

Tableau Connector SDK - BETA (SDK for Developing Tableau Connectors) 

As introduced in "Developing the Connector SDK" 





Alteryx's open sourced yxdb (if it works).

"Alteryx: Open Source YXDB" 



It seems there are new opportunites to make Alteryx to work better with Tableau. But spatial data can be painful.


It will be good if the high performance .yxdb (and even the Calgary .cydb) can be used in Tableau one day. If not, hope there can be some high-performance database format, that can be used by a range of tools natively.