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Connected to Database Now what?


I connected to my Analysis Services database and I am trying to use the visual query editor to get any result but everything give me the following error 

Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server 2012 Analysis Services.: Query (1,17) The Syntax for "'$Related Incidents"'."IncidentId" As "Count_IncidentID", INcidents.$Incid"


I've tried counting the rows and a few other thigns but I just cant get even the most basic output.  Thanks for any help you may be able to provide. 


Example SQL:

Select Incident.$Incident.Status As Status From Incident.$Incident Group By Incident.$Incident.Status



there is no native support for connecting SSAS

are you trying to connect Multi Dimensional Cube OR Tabuler Model

If you are trying to connect OLAP cubes, then check this POST . i created a utility to connect SSAS cube


Let me know if you are trying to connect Tabuler Model. i can try to build another Utility when i see free time 





I have a cube that I want to use as an input in Alteryx, how do I connect to it?