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Connect to OneDrive Question


Hey all, I am trying to connect an input and output to OneDrive, but I've hit a snag and wanted to see if someone could help.  I understand I'm supposed to download and install the connector.  I went to this page and downloaded the files:!app/OneDrive-Tools/5b1f09810462d72900a250e7/run.  That page says I need to import the files.  I don't see how I do that and there's no file within the contents that makes me think that's the item I click on to install something.  Any advice on how I get OneDrive input and output tools installed? Pleeease?!?! :-D  Thanks in advance, people!!



Hi @kurtwz1 - once you run the Gallery app, you should see the following - 




Clicking on the highlighted link will download the tool installer - it is a .yxi extension, and if you double-click it it will give you a popup that allows you to install the tool. If you are accessing the Gallery using Internet Explorer, it will actually download as a .zip instead. If possible, please use a different browser to download. If not, you can edit the file extension from a .zip to a .yxi and that should fix it!

Sophia Fraticelli
Premium Support Advisor
Alteryx, Inc.

Hey Sophia, thanks for the info.  That's exactly what it was.  I was using Microsoft Edge to download and it came as a .zip, so I just changed the file extension.  Thanks for the help! - Kurt


Hi SophiaF,


When I try and run one_drive_v1.0.1.yxi I continually get this error. Any idea what might be causing it?







I'm having the same error message while installing.  Any thoughts?


If you are using VPN or behind a company firewall, try the install without thoughts. That is what ended up working for me.