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Connect to Hadoop from Alteryx

8 - Asteroid

Dear Community Members,


I am trying to establish connectivity to Hadoop from within Alteryx. I have been able to setup a DSN using the Simba Hive ODBC driver and that DSN enables connectivity to Hadoop on a stand-alone basis. 


The DSN when invoked in Microsoft Excel enables retrieval of data from a Hadoop table. However, when I use the same DSN via an ODBC connection in Alteryx, I am not able to query a table. 


It seems from the error message that Alteryx is able to connect to Hadoop. However, the connection doesn't let me query a table in Hadoop.


I have pasted below the screenshot of the error message from Alteryx Designer app. 


Error MessageError Message


Please revert if you have any questions or need any more details.


Best Regards,

Ashish Bhavnani

7 - Meteor

I have seen that message if the table name is called incorrectly.  sometimes ` is required in places where it is not required when querying from other places. 

8 - Asteroid

Hi @TDGuy,


Thanks for your reply.


I checked the table name and it's name is being correctly used in Alteryx. 


Did you mean that I should write the query as select count(*) from DB1`TAB1?




7 - Meteor

It is picky about tick marks.  The format that I tend to use is `DB1`.`TAB1`  or just `TAB1`.