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Connect to Azure SQL using OAuth

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Is there any inbuilt mechanism or macro to connect to an Azure SQL database using oauth (ClientId/Secret). We want to pass the ClientId/Secret as input parameters to the analytic workflow.




That's an interesting question, and I'm intrigued about the use case that would prompt this inquiry.  If you are inclined to share, I'd love to know. 

There is not any existing tool that I know of, but if other Community users have done this, they may yet provide one.  

Azure SQL does appear to have a REST API, so you could build a custom connector if you are inclined.

You can also post this as an new feature Idea.  If you have a need for such a connector, it's possible it's been requested before or would attract interest if you request it now.

Lisa LePome
Senior Customer Support Engineer -- Knowledge Management Coach
Alteryx, Inc.
6 - Meteoroid

This is for cases where we do not wish to use SQL Credentials but use native Oauth support by Microsoft for Azure SQL