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Connect encrypted SQL database by DbDefence

I encounter a problem on connecting Microsoft SQL database through ODBC connection in Alteryx. Currently I am using Microsoft SQL server to host the data, and due to security concern, I used an encryption tool called DBDefence to encrypt/decrypt the database when accessing the data. However, even if I have set the access allowance for Alteryx to run SQL ODBC connection through DBDefence, I still got an error message that no column data can be displayed. Please see screen capture below.




Providing more information, DbDefence requires all .exe to be added to the DbDefence configurator. Does anyone know apart from AlteryxGui.exe which execute file need to include so as to connect to the SQL server?

@Winson_Yeung   I'm not familiar with DbDefence (thanks for the link, reading up on it now); but generally you'll want to AlteryxEngineCmd.exe.  This is the exe that should be seen by the Db.