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Connect In-DB, Need help increasing 255 character limit ~ SOLVED


New to Alteryx, I'm using the 'Connect In-DB' tool to connect to Hadoop, and am having no issues bringing back the data that I want.  The issue I'm coming across is that all of the fields seem to be defaulting to a size of 255 characters.  One of the fields I need is being truncated due to this.  


I feel like there is probably a really simple answer to my problem, but I can't find the issue addressed anywhere after much searching. What do I need to do to increase the field size on the initial data pulldown with this tool?




Alteryx Partner

Hi rhyatt,


I haven't come across such a thing when using Connect In-DB yet.

I have had some colleagues who ran into - what they thought - was a truncation, but it only showed when looking at data without a browse tool.


By chance, did you check your finding (255 chars) using a browse tool; or only on the sample data displayed?






I actually just found the answer... under advanced options on the Hive connection setup the default field size was set to 255 char.  I was able to up it from there.


Alteryx Partner

Cool! Glad to hear.