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Confirming All Records in Union


Hello Alteryx Community! 


I am combining ~25 files of the same format into a Unioned file. The Union seemed to be adding about 50 extra records for some reason (out of about 625,000 records). Is there some way I can make sure all records from the 25 files are being included in the Union? Either, 

  • Automatic sum check with the number of records in each file equaling the number of records in the unioned file (rather than having to add manually)
  • Or, tracking each record to see where the addition occurred


Any insight would be appreciated. 




Alteryx Partner

Hello @Nageen ,


that is strange. Are you sure there are no extra lines in your excel files? I would recommend you to first do a null check value with a filter tool on a column that should always be filled just to check if some extra lines from the excel files were taken.


Sometimes, even if you have empty rows, alteryx will take the lines filled with nulls (happens mostly on bottom lines from the files).


If thats not the case tell me and I will think about another solution (have one already in mind but is kinda overcomplicated :P)




That helped me figure out which file was pulling in nulls. Thank you!