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Configuring data for TS Covariate forecast

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Hi All,


I have a successful covariate ARIMA model with a key variable and one other predictor variable.  I have also successfully used an ARIMA and TS forecast just on the single key variable.  I now want to use the TS covariate forecast tool to forecast the key variable also using the additional predictor variable. What I don't know is how to format future data for the predictor.


The base data has the following fields:


1) Region

2) Date

3) Volume (Key variable)

4) Price (predictor)


what do I put into the additional input file?  Do I need to populate region, date (with future dates) and of course Price and leave volume blank, or do I only need the price data for the number of forecasted periods?  I have included raw data file and workflow example for your knowledge and examination.  I’m not sure I am doing this quite right as results don’t seem to vary when I change forecasted price


I really apprecate any help you can provide.




8 - Asteroid

Hi All, Thanks to the client services team for giving me the solution. I was only slightly wrong, but I now have the config correct.




Thanks again to Alteryx team

14 - Magnetar
14 - Magnetar

Hi Alexis,

can you attach the fixed workflow / s for other users to use it as starting point in clarifying their own forecasts?

Thanks a lot