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Configure Email tool on Alteryx 2019.1

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I had an old version of Alteryx where I could configure the email tool, due to was an Autodetect SMTP selection. Now I have an Alteryx 2019.1 and with the existing workflows are showing the following error:


Tool #43 Record#1: Unable to create a socket after looping through all network addresses for


I changed the tool and included the SMTP (attached image), but now I have the following error:


Email (43) Record#1: Unable to send email: "Error with FROM: 530 5.7.57 SMTP; Client was not authenticated to send anonymous mail during MAIL FROM [LNXP123CA0007.GBRP123.PROD.OUTLOOK.COM] ¶"


Can you please advice?


As a note, I had only one model which still working without the SMTP configuration, however once I copied and paste the tool, does not work in other files


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In the newer versions of Alteryx Designer you indeed need to specify an smtp server you want to use - the auto-detect version has been disabled. The server you're using ( requires authentication however the email tool at the moment doesn't work with smtp/email relay servers requiring authentication.


I'd suggest you speak to your IT and ask what server your company uses - the one that was auto-detected previously.


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For those of you following this thread, as of the 2019.3 version of Alteryx Designer we have authentication functionality within the Email Tool. Users can now enter their credentials (username & password), select an encryption method, and connect to the appropriate port number.


If you are interested in connecting to a Gmail or other email service that was not previously supported by Alteryx Designer, please refer to the following knowledge base article to learn more on how to do so.

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Is there a way to connect to the SMTP server via IP?  The only example that I have found is when the email tool supported an auto detection.

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Depending on the version of Alteryx Designer you're running you will see the option to enter the smtp address - you can use either the host name or the IP address of the server here.