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Conditionally Update Data embeded within a workflow


I'm working on a workflow that uses two input files. In order to run the workflow, one file is always required and  the 2nd file can be optional input because it is a static file that doesn't change much. is it possible to create a workflow that would consume the 2nd optional file, use that new file in the workflow, then replace the old file with new optional file. So that the next time the user runs this workflow it will automatically read the most recent optional input file without the user manually pointing to it using the interface. I know this idea may just be pie in the sky but any help would be appreciated thanks!!!




You could choose to save this optional secondary input in a location that the machine running the workflow (assuming this is a server here) can see such as a shared network drive referenced using UNC path. You can then build the underlying workflow so that it


  • EITHER uses the user defined file if that option is selected (on the back of which the file is updated I assume)
  • OR uses the default most recent file if not selected 


You will use the same approach as with the optional file defined here - the checkbox will control both containers and enable/disable them respectively.