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Conditionally Run In-DB tools


I have a critical process for which I am trying to set up some redundancy. Currently there is a python job that is submitting a create table statement to our database. It is quite a large table and takes 10+ min to put together. We figured that Alteryx would be a good solution to set up the redundancy because it's on a different server, in a different system and there are very few problems, outside of one involving the database system itself, that would overlap the two.


Here's the problem. I don't want Alteryx to run the whole job if it doesn't have to. Since the table is used widely across my organization and the process that drops and recreates it takes so much time having to do so twice could cause some problems.


I attempted to make the workflow (see below) such that the table would only be rebuilt if it's not already up to date. Basically, the bottom input tool gets the latest date from the target table and the filter determines if it is the correct date. The text input tool has the path to the indbc file and the query that feeds the Dynamic In-DB connect tool and build the table.

Conditional indb.PNG


The indb tools error when the table is up-to-date because they don't receive the input information and don't actually make a connection. I would just ignore it if I weren't trying to send event emails when the flow ends with an unexpected error.


So, what can I do to avoid getting this error when the table is already up-to-date? Or, is there a better way for checking the table's status? Should I post an idea for Atleryx to implement try-catch patterns or some other explicit error handling?

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Instead of conditionally running the in-db tool, can you modify the tool configuration to write 1 record to a dummy table?  Use a formula to determine the dynamic input and keep it simple.


just a thought,



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@MarqueeCrew I'm not sure I follow. Do you mean to substitute the query to something like "select 1 as col", depending on the max date from the target? If so, how do I get the write tool to change output tables?