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Conditional filtering in formula tool




I have two fields with percentages. I would like to say that if either Field 1 or Field 2 is not equal to 100, delete (filter,disappear) the row. I would like to do this specifically in the formula tool.(I've already done it using filter module).


Field1         Field2

100              100                  PASS   (Both fields are 100 pass)

93                100                  PASS  (Field 2 is 100, so pass)

100              95                    PASS (Field 1 is 100, so pass)

95                98                    FAIL (since both values are less than 100)


Thank you

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

You can't delete (or make disappear) a data record using the Formula tool...the Filter tool is the proper tool for doing this.

Now if you mean you would like to create a "flag" field that you can use in a subsequent Filter process (e.g., Y or N), then you would do that in a Formula tool (with basically the same logic you likely already have in your existing Filter tool).

If they are both percentages (i.e. between 0 and 100):


would evaluate to TRUE for first 3 cases and false for other