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Conditional Statement - Refresh

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I have a question regarding conditional formatting in Alteryx. I have three excel spreadsheets that I combined into one master spreadsheet in Alteryx. For the three spreadsheets, I want to create a conditional statement that only brings in ( refresh) the rows if there is content in columns B or D.


I've been working on trying to figure this out, and no luck. Also, I could not find an answer in the community. Is there a solution to this question? Please see attached. In this example, the master file would only show rows 1-9 after I auto-refresh the file.

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Hi @ChelleVaughns,


I'm not sure how you might go about only brining in certain rows but Alteryx can handle large volumes of data so I would recommend bringing in all of the data and then using a Filter tool to keep only the rows you want. The formula would be:

!IsNull([Initiative]) OR !IsNull([Milestone])

So the output you will get from the T (True) anchor is just the rows where column B (Initiative) or D (Milestone) are not null.