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Conditional Path How?


I have a stream containing a Run Command control, The input of this control is a csv file containing the following data: 

ReturnCode, ReturnDesc
0, Successful Upload: Checksum match

ReturnCode and ReturnDesc are headers. At this point, the Run Command executes successfully and I am able to Browse the values and use them in formulas and such. 


I need to accomplish the following as depicted in the image: 



I found the Detour tool, but that looks like it requires user input.  In this case, the path is determined by the ReturnCode within the CSV file.  Also, I need to carry the ReturnCode and ReturnDesc values through the workflow as I will use them. 


I would appreciate any advice on this.  Be gentle, I'm new at this.  :)


--- xgp

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Use a Filter tool as the path decision. A Union tool can be used at the end of each path to return the records to a single data stream that leads to your output log process.


Check out the attached example and let me know if that works for you.



 I do believe that is going to solve my problem. Thank you so much! 

--- xavier