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Conditional Formatting on Dynamic/Unknown Fields in Table Tool


Hi everyone, I posted this a few weeks ago but I didn't attach a sample workflow so it was hard to understand my question.


Here I made a sample workflow to simplify my question:


In the report, the headers are date of the past 7 days, so they will always be changing as time goes on. I want to highlight the field with value higher than 7 days average, and it's hard to make formatting rules one by one. so I have to set rule for dynamic unknown fields and I don't know how to make the conditional formula work for unknown fields


For anyone who is checking my question, please go to the table tool and see the rule I set for the field [2019_08_26], I hope to have the dynamic unknown fields to have the same conditional formatting.. (when it's greater than the average, highlight as orange)







If you click on the "dynamic and unknown fields" and then the "edit column rules" and modify as below, will that achieve what you are looking for?




Hi @mingmingx ,


I thought a workaround might be a bit easier. What if you were to just append the average value to the changing dates values and leave them in one column. That way you can you just set your rule in the Table for the Value Column and don't have to worry about the unknowns. See attached.







Thanks Mike @MichaelSu ,


I just ran the workflow you attached, and it achieved the conditional formatting, but how can I crosstab it to make each date as the header?


It worked!!!! Thank you!!!!