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Conditional Email with attachments

7 - Meteor

Hey guys,


I am stuck and seeing if you guys have an example and solution on how to do this.


The scenario is:

- I have a data with Filter (True or False) and it then saves down records for each case as excel output dynamically as filename. DDMMYY 

- I will always have records on True case but might not have records on False case thus Alteryx will only save output when there are records.


What I would like to do is send out 1 email with the attachment, so if False case has no records will send out email with 1 attachment and if False case has records will send out 2 attachment.

In the email tool I have the two attachment listed but the workflow fails when on the False case does not generate an excel output......


Does anyone know how to do go about this and if they have a sample workflow that would be great?

Also is there a way to always save down the output even though there is no record. This could be a solution.






9 - Comet

Hi @Jax23

One thing you could do is have 2 separate email tools. One configured for 1 attachment, and another for both.


You can have a check for whether false case has records or not. Based on this check, only one of the email tools will be triggered (either through enabling/disabling containers or by using the detour tool) 




7 - Meteor

Thanks that worked.