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Concatenation of all dynamic fields


Hello Alteryx-Community, 2019-04-10 10_45_58-Alteryx Designer x64 - DBtoDB.CT.MultipleSummarize.yxmc_.png


I want just to concatenate ALL fields from a "Optional Incoming Connection"-Input without GroupBy. Showing Field Map is not necessary. The number of fields and their names can vary. But the type and comma-seperator will be for all fields the same. The type of all fields is V_WString. First I tried it with "Select->All" in the Summarize-Tool. But it didn't save this configuration for other vary incoming connections. So i want to try update Raw XML, but I'm not familiar with it and my first try was with inspiration from another topic. Unfortunately it does not work. I appreciate any help! 


Thanks and greetings


Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @CaptainJaneway,


I don't seem to get what you are really looking for, because what you are telling us and what I see on the image are different things.


What I suppose that you want to do is select on the list box the fields and concatenate them on the summarize tool. Am I right?


Like on this example, concatenating a name, address and a phone number:




Thanks for your reply. My english is unfortunately insufficient to express my wishes correctly. I added a sample of my Alteryx-Workflow. I don´t want to concatenate all field values, but all values by each field. My reason for all this is, that I want to create a delete sql statement. My only problem is that I can´t handle vary incoming connections. 

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @CaptainJaneway,


First, your english isn't bad, it's really good :) but to explain sometimes what you want to do is difficult even to your colleagues speaking natively (some experience in the field haha).


Second, I have seen you SQL statement and looks great. I haven't worked in a while with SQL statements but it seems that for my example and using your WF:


DELETE FROM tableDummy WHERE [address] IN ('fake street 123') AND [name] IN ('erick') AND [phone] IN ('555-568-789')


Shouldnt in the statement the column names be without the square brackets? Don't know it that is the issue.


Also append the the semicolon :)




Hi @CaptainJaneway 


You were very close in your original macro.  All you needed to do was replace this part 




With this 




The summarize tool in your original doesn't handle dynamic fields.  I replaced it with the transpose/crosstab/transpose sequence, all of which handle dynamic fields, and the sequence gives the same results as your 3 original tools


I made a couple of other minor changes as well. I had to increase some text field sizes and your Crew's macros aren't installed in the same location as mine, so I had to reinsert the Dynamic Metadata macro


Here are the results




The image is a little small but in the second one I renamed all the fields, deleted [Card] and added an extra one [Field8].


Fun debugging exercise



I bow to you!! That´s it! Now I can delete easily all occurring rows from my database. I also add the semicolon ;)  Best regards