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Concatenating the matching columns while using joins

7 - Meteor

Hello All


I have a situation where I have two tables and I have to map the Col 1 in Table 2 to Col 1 in Table1. Col1 in Table 2 have multiple values. For eg


1. 123,456,678 for one mapping id 4567 in different rows. While join takes the first value that is mapped, what I want is in a column I want to store all the mapping values. Is it possible to do? 

16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

Im not really sure what you want (sorry).


But if I'm not mistaken, why don't you use first the summarize tool and concatenate all values (using ; for example) and after the text to column? That way you could have joined all the values to the table separated in different rows.



7 - Meteor

Hello Afv2688


Thanks much. Your solution worked