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I have two external sheets that have the same two columns in it that I want to concatenate to use as my common denominator to pull data like a VLookup from sheet A to sheet B. 


Column A



Column B



Also, can I put a - in between them so the Column B is more identifiable>

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hello @Howland ,


How do you map one table with the other? Are the values ordered on the same way on both tables? Meaning that there is the same amount of data on both tables.


First you would need to know how to map them one with the other. Once you have done that you would need to join those two tables together and after using the formula tool you could join them, creating a new column (column C for exmpl):


[Column A] + " - " + [Column B]


Then use the select tool to get out the other two columns that you wouldn't need anymore. But as I said, the critical part is to know how they are mapped one to each other.