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Concatenate null values with Summarize tool


Is there a setting for the Concat action within the Summarize tool to include null values? For example, the attached images show the original sample data set and the resulting concatenated values. The original set has three columns (Field1, Field2, Field3) and three values (Value1,[null],Value3) respectively.


The comma concatenated string results to "Value1,Value3" and I am expecting "Value1,,Value3"






Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

You don't show your workflow, but assuming you are Transposing your data first and then using the Summarize to concatenate, you could just put a Formula tool between the Transpose and Summarize with the expression...


IF IsNull([Value]) THEN "" ELSE [Value] ENDIF



I've shared the basic workflow. Yes you are correct in that I am transposing the data first. I'm actually using the SFTP solution that is posted here and creating a macro from it.


Would using the formula tool work for me if the input data is not known? It would seem to use that expression I would need to know the field names up front.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

It should. You will always have at least "Name" and "Value" as the two fields that come out of the Transpose tool.


Worked like a charm, thank you!