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Concat Column into one Row


Hi all,


I have a poll dataset that is formatted in a somewhat annoying way. How can I concat all of the following responses in the "When choosing a new physician, what information is most important to you?" column into one row separated by a comma. 


SourceDoctor IDDeviceWhen choosing a new physician, what information is most important to you location(s)
   Insurances accepted
   Years of experience
   Accepting new patients


Thanks for the assistance!

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @bryan_ram2613 


Summarize tool has a concatenation function to do what I think you're looking for.


image.pngSelect your field you wish to concatenate and add using the option shown here


image.pngIn your concatenated field, use these options to specify how to concatenating.

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@jrgoand @nitinsnow  I have tried this but I am running into errors because I have the same use case happening multiple times throughout the data set and it groups the blanks rows together. I attached an example file. 

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See if the attached solution solves the issue. The YXDB you provided looks like it used a record as the headers so i copied the results into a text input tool using the default headers, i.e. Field1, Field2, etc...



Multi-Row tool is used to fill down the ID in the first column which is used as the grouping field within the Summarize tool. for the other fields, i just kept the FIRST and then concatenated that last field.

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@jrgo That did. Thank you. Appreciate it greatly!