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Compare field names with data


Hi, I want to make a standard workflow which compares the data in the field of a tab of an excel file to the field header of another tab in the same excel file.

I the attached screenshots, If the data in "Comment" column of "Table 1" does not matches any of the Field Headers in the "Table 2" then it would make another field in "Table 1", with a text written "Edited".

Table 1.JPGTable 1Table 2.JPGTable 2









This workflow does what you want.  It uses the Field Info tool to get the column names of the table 2 and then joins these to the values of the Comment column in Table 1.  The 3 "Edited" formulas fill in the value depending on whether the join was successful.  The output also contains the "C" and "H" columns from Table 2.  If you don't want these, don't include the "R" output of of the join in the Union.








Hi Dan,

Sorry to bother you again, let me give you a peek at my data:

What I wanted to do was:

1) Create the output with 2 fields "Constant Field" and "My Column"

2) Compare the data in the Field "My Column" in Table 1 with the Field names/headers of the Table 2 

3) If the data in "My Column" matches with the Header in Table 2 then it's okay, otherwise, if the data in "My Column" does not matches any of the field in Table 2 then get an output in that row from the column "Comment".

4)  If the data in "My Column" does not matches any of the field in Table 2 and the column "Comment" is empty then get an output in that row as ("Prepared from " ")

5) If "My Column" is empty, then the output should be ("Not present")


In the "Constant Field" is standard and not to be changed in the output. All the changes are to be done in "My column" with an final output of 2 fields.


I know its a bit long and maybe frustrating. It would be a great help if you can help me out in this.





Table 1.JPG 

Table 2.JPG