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Compare date with a dynamic number of date periods

5 - Atom

Hi, I have a dataset which has, amongst other columns, a due_date column and multiple start and end date columns. I want to check if the due_date falls within any of the start and end date periods and flag the due_date row if the due date falls within one of the start/end periods.


I can do this with a formula tool with the conditions due_date > startdate and < enddate for each period but is there a more easy way? This also given the fact that the current dataset features 69 start and enddate periods but the number of start/end periods is dynamic (and could be more or less at a different point in time).


At the end I only want to keep the flagged column. The columns with the start/end dates can be dropped.


Please help 🙂 


I added the dataset. 


Kind regards,


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Hi Robert,

You can transpose and use one formula  to filter .

Hope this helps.


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Thanks, that will work 

16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

@rtenvergert  I had a similar answer to @benakesh but I usually go for a transpose and then crosstab (personal preference).

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