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Combining the Rendered Table report with other Excel sheets

6 - Meteoroid

Hi everyone,


I have searched the community inside out for this answer, but I am not finding anything. Please help!


I am trying to output my Table report and the original dataset to the same excel file, but on different tabs, using Render and Output tool. Please see below for a picture of my current workflow. 


Ideally, I want to output the Table and original data in the same file, but every time I do this, the file outputs only the table and outputs the "Above 50k" tab but it is a blank sheet.


FYI, I have a "Block Until Done" tool set up  - just not pictured in the screenshot - so the table is outputted first and then the original data tab. So this is not an issue of timing. Also to clarify, I wish to get this job done in one workflow, rather than create another workflow to input two different excel files and output to a combined file, because I have multiple tabs and files to run this workflow on. It would be an annoyance to run two workflows every time. 


Is it impossible to combine these two reports in one excel file with one workflow? Thanks in advance! 

8 - Asteroid

If you are only wanting a table of data just on a separate tab then would it not work to not use the table tool but rather output to a specified tab in excel?


If the workflow is causing a problem where it is trying to write to the same file then you can use the Block Until done or Parallel block until done tools where it will process one stream and then the other and as such is writing to the same file at different times.


I am not sure if that will help you achieve what you are looking to achieve?

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hi @euginalim 


Check out the technique used in the solution to this post.  The very clever @DavidP has solved this problem by moving the block until done to just before the report preparation.  One of the key things he mentions is that the render tool actually creates both sheets, but puts only dummy data in the one that gets over written by the output tool.



6 - Meteoroid

Thank you! This was the solution I was looking for!!

6 - Meteoroid

@danilangIt worked perfectly! 🙂 Thank you for relaying @DavidP's solution!