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Combining rows by row position


I have 1500+  rows within the data there are 3 types of data Set_1, Set_2 and Set_3. I want to combine the 1st 4 rows of Set_1 data, There is no connection between the data on the rows. The data will populate into another form that allows up to 4 columns of data.Since the size of the data varies and there will be anywhere from 15 to 3000 rows it needs to allow for variable size. 

Set_1What I haveSet_1-1 Set_1-1Set_1-1Set_1-1Set_1-1
Set_1 Set_1-1→→→Set_1-2Set_1-2Set_1-2Set_1-2
Set_1 Set_1-1 Set_1-3Set_1-3Set_1-3Set_1-3
Set_1 Set_1-1 This is the outcome I want   
Set_1 Set_1-2     
Set_1 Set_1-2     
Set_1 Set_1-2     
Set_1 Set_1-3     
Set_1 Set_1-3     
Set_1 Set_1-3     
Set_1 Set_1-3     

@joseph_m_shopp Have you tried using the summarize tool? You can use the groupby function.

Digan Parikh
Sales Engineer

Hi @joseph_m_shopp ,

Let me know if  make columns  has desired output .   


That did not work for me. I tried it both horizontally and vertically.
Thank You,

Joseph Shopp
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It has the desired output. Better then what I was thinking.