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Combining / linking similar names together?

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I would like to combine the highlighted examples into one manufacturer name. They are obviously the same but has variations in the name. What tool would I use to do this?


The first highlighted fields should just be "AstraZeneca" 


Any assistance is appreciated!

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Hi @TiffanyLy27 - You can use Fuzzy match to identify non-identical duplicates like in your dataset.
More info here:

Hi @TiffanyLy27 


You can build a Lookup Table that has the names to be used and then use a Find & Replace tool to Append the Desired name and with a Formula tool you can replace Original Field with Desired one.


Fuzzy matching with Make Group could also be used. There is an example that shows how this can be done, if you go to Designer, Fuzzy Match open example and scroll to the bottom of the page.


Hope this helps. Cheers!