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Combining dataset from macro to include columns identified before the macro

6 - Meteoroid

Hi all,


I am able to obtain a compiled data from multiple files using the second macro as illustrated below.



However, I would like the columns identified in the previous functions to be included in the dataset such that "Sheet Names",“RegExOut2",“RegExOut3" and “RegExOut4" are included in the first 4 columns. These are obtained from the names of the excel files i.e. Real estates [Data centre] [SGD, RM].xlsx respectively.




Desired output will be as such:

RegExOut2RegExOut2RegExOut2Sheet NamesF1F2F3...
Real estatesData centreSGD, RM#1 KL DC2015-09-012015-09-300
Real estatesData centreSGD, RM#1 KL DC2015-10-012015-10-310


Thank you so much in advance. Really appreciate all the help!

17 - Castor

Hi @zekharya , If you are sending the required fields like sheet name, regex outputs to macro then you can have them in macro output also. Else you can assign a record ID to the rows and then join the macro output in main workflow with previous data on record ID and have the required fields from previous data.

Sapna Gupta
6 - Meteoroid

Thanks Sapna, is it possible to put a macro within a macro as illustrated below? (i.e. putting 2 macros side by side not linked to one another)

I am currently still figuring how to make them work. Thanks for the help!