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Combining Excel Files by Looking Up Unique Identifier

5 - Atom

Hello - I have the data below which is an output from SAP (note that the Number header is merged within 2 cells).  




I am trying to add the highlighted columns below from a different file to my file above (before the Hours columns) by looking up the data using the Number column.  The file below will sometimes contain multiple numbers in the Number column.  However, all the numbers are unique and has 11 digits.  Can someone please point me to the right tool to use?  Thanks so much!



14 - Magnetar


I think you need to use two tools here.


First, the Text to Columns tool, configured to create new rows, to split on your Number field (that has multiple values in it)

Then, the Join tool, to Join between your two files, using the Number column.


I've attached a really quick example of how you might approach this.

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

In your lookup table perform a split of the 'Number' column using the text to columns tool. Set the delimiter to be , and place the mode in 'split to rows'.


Next you can perform use the join tool to bring this data together.


If you wish you can share your data in excel files and we can help you build a sample solution.