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Combining 3 Salesforce Reports Into a Single Output


Hi all. I am trying to create a singular pipeline report from 3 separate SFDC reports. Those reports are outputting


MQL (Count)

New SQO (Count)


Won (Count)

Won (MRR)


Trying to figure out a way to take the three reports and drop them into a single spreadsheet. Cant use a multi-join because there is nothing to join on.


Do you have a sample of data I could see that you're looking to merge? I have some ideas, but they're contingent on what the data looks like.

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus



With no joins on the data, i am assuming the issue is more about layout on spread sheet, into something 'dashboard' like.?


in which case the Reporting Tool together with the visual layout tool might be what you are after.


If it's just having the raw data in one excel file, i would suggest saving the different tables to different sheet sin the same table. 


There are a number of things that can be done after that, depends on what your end use is





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Sure. It is pretty straigtforward:


Leads Created in Period: Data output is a single cell with sum of leads

Opps Created in Period: Data output is two cells with count of opportunities and sum of opportunity amount

Wins Created in Period: Data output is two cells with count of won opportunities and sum of booked opp amount.


So, I am trying to take these data points and put them into a spreadsheet in a vertical fashion, like the sample attached. There is nothing to join all of the data together.


Correct! Nothing to join on. Just trying to place these in a vertical fashion in a spreadsheet and then do some calculations across them.


Do you anticipate only having a single column for the Month, or will this table grow in width?


I would love to be able to expand this by month as time goes on - adding a new column for each month.

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ACE Emeritus

Hi @jdebrincat


You can expand on the attached. 


You can use serial appends to create the one row of data. You can use the date time tool to timestamp it. You can then add calcs or crosstab as required. 


On the output tool, you can append to sheet and this will add the data incrementally. 



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Thanks! I think that will work!