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Column width using Table Tool


I am trying to use the table tool to re-size my column widths in my outputted excel file. 


I've tried the suggestion on this post:


because the question is exactly what I have tried, but it is not working. 


Also, is there a way, if I have a really long column, to not have it wrap around and make the column, vertically, really long? To just, like excel does, have it continue horizontally, just not showed in the initial view of the column? 


After playing around with it a little bit, I am able to widen the columns by setting the paper size to 'custom' in the render tool, but then each table stretches or shrinks to that width. Thus columns end up too small or very large. I would like to fix column widths based on how large I know the data to be. 


I though that maybe the per column width configuration was changing because of something to do with the join ->layout ->render sequence, but even when I just render one of the report tabs individually, the same thing occurs. 

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi @ckestler


This is actually a limitation of outputting to XLSX.


The reason is that all the different tables that may be in an output have to be combined into one "table" for each Excel worksheet grid. So, let's say you have two tables each with three columns, arranged vertically, and you set the top table's columns to 1", 3", 1" widths, and the bottom table's columns to 3", 1", 3" widths. Only one value can be used for each worksheet grid column. Which ones do we use? So, "widths" are just ignored when outputting to XLSX.


When rendering to different formats, .pdf for example, you will notice that the custom column widths will be maintained provided the layout size is correct. 



Amy Davies
Community Moderator and Customer Support Engineer