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Column sub-headings in reporting Table tool


Is it possible to generate something like this with the Alteryx Table reporting tool?  I've figured out the entire table except the monthly grouping in the first row.

rtaImage (4).png

Yes, you can create a very similar table using the "Pivot (CrossTab)" Mode in the Table tool, Pivot can only be utilized when the data is streaming from a CrossTab tool. Please refer to the "CrossTab Table Report sample, this demonstrates the different Pivot styles available. You can find the sample under File>Open Samples>Presentation Modules>CrossTab Table Report.

Hey @jgreene


Did this get you to an answer that solved your problem?    If yes, would you mind marking this one as solved (to include this in the knowledge base) - or if there are still open questions, feel free to reply, and we can work together to find an answer that gets you where you need to be.


Thanks @jgreene, have a good weekend



As far as I know there's no way (yet) to get the upper grouping to output from the table tool regardless of how the data is rolled up with crosstab unless I'm missing a "group by" option somewhere.


Hey @LeahK  & @MattD & @AdamR


This is a relatively common need for table that's being used for reporting purposes - to be able to add another header above which acts like a grouping (like Excel Pivot tables), or to add some kind of a total row or some other summary.


I suspect that this is possible if we build a technical macro that can intercept the output from a table tool and directly add to or manipulate the payload (the actual table that's being presented), but I have no idea where to start on this (I can't see an easy way to look inside a "Report" data type and start appending or pulling bits off)


Is there anyone in the team that you can refer this thread to, who knows the internals of the "Report" data type, with the intention of possibly experimenting with how users can do the kind of work that @jgreene mentioned (I have a similar need and would welcome the ability to start customizing a little).


Thank you all


Community Data Engineer
Community Data Engineer

Hey gang!


I agree, the need to add additional headers comes up quite a bit - and depending on each particular case, it could require a combination of @CarlosA's approach from above, along with this resource on how to create sub-headers/sub-columns. We're also currently working to add functionality to our reporting tool suite as a larger development initiative, so there's likely to be more features to operate with in the near future! So stay posted! In the meantime, adding usability to the approaches outlined above by incorporating them into a macro could certainly help if this use case comes up frequently.


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Chiming in that this feature would be greatly appreciated!


Hi, have Alteryx looked into this functionality as it would enrich the ability to pivot data dramatically?