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Cohort Analysis


Hello Alteyx Community,


I am trying to perform a Cohort analysis comparing 3 different companies.from different countries.

The analysis is based on Net accounts. The way to calculate net accounts is:

for Month 0: New Accounts - Cancelled Accounts= Net Accounts

For the next months: (Net Accounts from previous month+ New accounts of current month) - Cancelled accounts of current month

and so on...


The trend is that if for example one company started with 500 accounts in January, in december there should not be 600 accounts because this month started with a static amount of clients.


I am getting these results and those are not desisrable. Please help me to understand what to do.



Alteryx Partner

Is the data only monthly ?


I would use a multi-row formula with Group By Company and the formulae that you've mentioned.




Hi @isilvera!



I see what you're building here. I do something similar but assign the Cohorts and Values in Tableau with LOD calculations.


If you're trying to build the cohorts and values in Alteryx, please share your anonymized workflow if you'd like us to help you tweak the formulas and multi-row formula tool as @cmcclellan mentioned





As the date is YY/MM/DD I converted it to YY/MM so it can be joined easier.

Yes, I joined by Date, Company Name and Company country. But I am not getting the right results. 


Would it be okay a webex for this?





Hello !


Interest that LOD thing in tableau. In my tableau, the lines are going up and down very robustly (Because of the wrong numbers. The lines should be going down and not up)


Are you up for a web ex? so I can show show the flow and the data.



Alteryx Partner

Webex might work, but probably better to post some dummy data and workflow on here :) 


Yes, please upload your workflow and we're happy to help!