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Clear recently used file list


Is there a way to clear the list of recently used files? We had a migration to a new directory and I'd like to clear the list so I can reconnect my workflows in the new directory.

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Alteryx Certified Partner



The recently used files for my userid are found in:




you can modify "markf" for your ID or try:  %AppData%\Microsoft\Windows\Recent


The file types that you are looking for are:


.yxmd - Workflows

.yxmc - Macros

.yxwz - Applications/Wizards

.yxzp - Packages


Hopefully this solves your challenge for you.






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Thanks for the reply. I removed the Alteryx files from this folder but unfortunately this did not clear the recently used file list in Alteryx. Any other ideas?

@lgregor For me, my most recent used files are here in the registry: 


obviously "myuniqueid" would be unique to you. I deleted the file1-file25 (making sure to leave the max value guy) and my recent history is now cleared.


As an FYI, here is how I found that spot. I assumed that it might be saved in the registry as opposed to a file. I exported my entire registry and then read it in as a csv in Alteryx with \0 as the delimiter (no delimiter) and then increased the field length from 254 to something really big like 100000. Then I just found a unique looking name in my most recent used ("Challenge79"), and used a quick filter to find only 2 registry entries with that string.  


That did the trick! Thanks so much!!